How To Master Asset Allocation with Zephyr

How To Master Asset Allocation with Zephyr

Is your investment portfolio ready to weather any financial storm?

Ascend to mastery in the “A to Zephyr” podcast with Ryan Nauman, Chris Volpe, and Randy Jones from Zephyr.  Together they dive into the essential art of building resilient investment portfolios, specifically for wealth managers and financial advisors. The conversation revolves around strategic asset allocation, blending diverse asset classes, and utilizing Zephyr’s innovative tools to navigate dynamic markets and meet a variety of client objectives.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Portfolio Optimization Unveiled: Uncover how asset allocation is not just a strategy, but changing the game in the world of investment portfolios
  • Revolutionizing Client Relationships: Explore three ways optimized asset allocation can transform client engagement, financial planning, and portfolio creation
  • Storytelling Through Data: Explore how Zephyr transcends traditional portfolio creation, turning data into compelling visual narratives
  • Crafting Tailored Investment Journeys: Understand how portfolio customization meets diverse investor goals, from aggressive growth to steady income
  • Deciphering Risk Tolerance: Dive into the complexities of identifying and respecting each client’s unique risk profile
  • Exploring Alternative Investments: Examine how strategic asset management is evolving with the inclusion of alternative investments
  • Empowering Advisors with Zephyr: Gain insights into how Zephyr’s extensive support and educational resources are equipping financial advisors for success in a dynamic financial landscape
  • And much more!

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About Ryan Nauman:

Ryan Nauman, Market Strategist,  is the host of the popular Adjusted for Risk podcast. He is a well-respected investment industry strategist regularly featured on TD Ameritrade Network, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, and Chuck Jaffe’s Money Life podcast. His opinions and market expertise have been published in Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg,, Yahoo! Finance, and the Wall Street Journal. As Zephyr’s Market Strategist, Nauman provides analysis and research on market trends across asset classes, sectors, and regions to help empower better asset allocation strategy decisions. 

About Chris Volpe: 

Chris Volpe, Director of Zephyr, is a dynamic financial services leader with a track record of driving business growth, differentiation, and success. Chris’s extensive experience spans across companies of varying sizes, showcasing his versatility. He’s adept at leading cross-functional global teams, focusing on client needs and internal efficiencies. As a senior business manager, Chris is skilled in identifying market trends, adjusting strategies, and ensuring growth and efficiency.

About Randy Jones: 

Randy Jones, Director of Product Management at Zephyr, is a dedicated client advocate and seasoned product manager specializing in delivering SaaS-based solutions tailored to client needs. His philosophy is centered on the belief that client success equates to the company’s success. Known for his strong analytical, communication skills, and integrity, Randy has been pivotal in creating synergy between clients and internal teams, fostering mutual growth. His areas of expertise include SaaS, Agile/Scrum, Pragmatic Marketing, Quantitative Analysis, Portfolio and Wealth Management, Comprehensive Reporting, and Risk Analysis.

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